Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Famous Last Words: "I Could Make That"...

So, I have this problem. This world is full of cute crafts, yummy food, precious sewing projects, and rustic decor. My problem is, that every time I see something that I fall in love with and look at the price tag, I then say, " Oh I could totally make that for so much less". And usually I am right, but the amount of time and investment in supplies tend to interrupt this perfect plan that I have schemed up in my mind. Since Andrew and I are always looking for a house or dreaming about our rustic mansion we will some day build (full of heavy timbers), occasionally the reality hits that my dream furniture consumes all of our retirement. My poor husband ends up being infected by my famous last words, because I will look at those beautiful pieces and say "Honey, you could make that...easy". Yesterday I stumbled upon a new favorite blog about making furniture that looks like the fantastic Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. It's called Knock Off Wood. My project list just increased by 100 (that is when we have a place to put it all). I highly recommend heading over there and taking a look at what all Ana has to offer...for free!

An Island I will be making someday...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Crazy Pups!

We have two very wonderful water dogs! They live for a sunny day when Andrew and I take them out to a body of water (this time at my parent's house) to splash and play. I love sunny days!