Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Holidays, Oh Holidays

This was the first Christmas my husband and I celebrated as a family. We chose to celebrate it on the 12th of December. Between work and traveling and getting together with our families, that was our best shot at having our own holiday. We put on our pjs and started the fire. We exchanged our gifts and the ones from Santa, who generously flew down from the North Pole a few weeks early to accommodate our schedules. Andrew got me my very own wheat mill and I got him a darn good looking new pair of waders, for duck season. We then sat down to read The Cowboy's Night Before Christmas, when his phone rang and he was called out to the rig. Quite the Fairy Tale, right?...

I love being married. I love it! And I love that it is real life and not that cheesy, non-stressful, no conflict, infinite finances, big car, perfect job, non committal, bunch of lies that Hollywood wants you to think it is. And because of it, I got to celebrate Christmas Nov 27, Dec 12, Dec 22, and Dec 25.

We also got together with my mother's side of the family to celebrate New Years. This has been a tradition that I have known my entire life. I grew up thinking it was strange that people did get together with their aunts, uncles, and cousins to celebrate. Those are memories that I treasure.

I don't know if it is the negative temperatures that make you want to be close to those you hold dear to your heart or if its just because you are approaching the end of the year and realize that your love tank isn't quite filled up. Whatever it is, I am so grateful for my family and the times we can get together.

Here's a slideshow of some of the events

From Movies

Rhett's Quiet Book

For Christmas, I made my nephew a quiet book.  It was a labor of love!  I don't know how moms of two-year-olds find the time to do it.  All of the blogs I consulted for ideas seemed to be mom's with a very full plate.  My house looked like a Bible story felt board.  We had scraps everywhere!!!  But it was well worth it.  Here are some pictures from his book.

I sewed button holes and used binder rings, so it can easily be added to.

Rainy Days and Flowers

I embroidered a note to Rhett to put in the Mailbox

Finger Puppet Animals in the Barn

This page is so he can learn to set the table :)
I credit it to my Family and Consumer Sciences Degree

Camping is a love in our family.

Rhett's Dad was a pilot and his Pops is an aircraft mechanic.

That's most of it.  I plan to add more pages as the years go on.

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