Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Bean is a Beanette!

Dear Beloved Friends and Family,

We are so happy to share with you that our little Baby Bean is going to be a GIRL!  We learned this yesterday morning when we had our 16 week ultrasound.  We are so overjoyed with the blessing of already nurturing a precious little girl.  Jack is going to have to switch from saying "Bubba" all the time to saying "Sissy".   :)  We are praying for her development and growth over these next few months and for the rest of her life.  

Some of you may remember that we were surprised with knowing if Jack was a boy or a girl, why we did it differently this time, you ask?  I was very eager to be surprised last go around.  We both loved the anticipation and excitement when he was born.  But this time Andrew got to decide whether we found out or not, and he chose to know!  Just as we were both excited to wait with Jack, we are both excited about knowing we have a beautiful little lady developing in our care.

We covet prayers for this pregnancy and for our babies.

Thank you all for loving our family!  

-The Barefoot Mamma

Sunny Summer Days at the Beach {Jack's Take Tuesday}

Hi Friends,

I have just returned from 
an adventure to the beach.  I went down to Florida with my Mommy and my Daddy.  Also, my Nana, Gramps, Aunt Pudzio, Uncle Andy, Aunt Meg, and Bonnie all went with us.  We stayed in this really nice house with lots and lots of stairs that I wasn't allowed to go near.  We spent a lot of time at the beach and the pool, but the rest of the time Bon Bon and I played and played all over that living room floor.

I decided to share a few pictures with you...by a few, I mean a whole heaping lot!  

Uncle Andy bought Bonnie and me matching life jackets...Mine never lasted very long.

Bonnie is so big she can climb on things!

Gramps played in the tent with us fair-skinned children.  Although,  I will have you know that I, Jack Thomas Ingle, managed to get a tan with 100+ SPF sunscreen on.

We happened to be at the beach at my normal nap time.

Apparently it was Daddy's nap time too.  Daddy had surgery, so he couldn't go play in the waves.  I didn't mind that he spent a lot of time with me!  :)

Why do all of you grown-ups like wearing those silly sun glasses?

Nana got us coordinating outfits.

I love my family.

Gramps built the sand castle this year.  He told Bon Bon and myself that we had to help next year.

Our favorite past time.

Bonnie and Gramps were sitting on the buckets.

We got cool glasses that paid tribute to Gramps' favorite bird...the Flamingo.

Isn't she a ham. 

Bon went exploring and got stuck.

What a good get away!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Country Tis of Thee {Jack's Take Tuesday}

Hello Hello,

Last week I went to TX to experience my very first 4th of July!  I got to spend time with a lot of family members...that's how we do holidays.  My cousins were so much fun to play with.  We got to go swimming and then see a fantastic fireworks show.  Guess what...I LOVE fireworks!!  It was way past my bedtime and I was getting fussy, but when the fireworks started all was well again.  It's like they are giant colorful fans.  (you know I do enjoy a good fan).  I hope your 4th was a good as mine!

Uncle Dave brought us See's Candy...I didn't get any, but everybody else enjoyed it.

This is the celebration cake...lots of things to celebrate!

Time to swim!

Daddy and Aunt Jo had the same job.