Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm On the Move!!!

Breaking News:

 As of last Thursday, I AM CRAWLING!!!  Not like that baby stuff I was doing the last time I wrote.  No, I am doing the full thing!  And I pull up on anyone or anything.  Just beware, if I am crawling near your feet, I may just start climbing your legs.

Secondly, my mother is so embarrassing.  Why does she insists on showing off pictures of me without my clothes?  However, it is how I would prefer to be all of the time!

(this is me rolling my eyes)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Parenthood {Family Friday}

My view of the core of parenthood:

What a joy to be blessed with a life that God has allowed you to babysit and to guide while on this earth.  What a joy and a very scary thing.  I never expected to be so scared about having babies, until I found out we were expecting Jack.  It's not the birth part that's scary, it's the "you can make or break their life" part of it.  What a Holy thing to be so over-joyed and so scared at the same time.  It is a place where I find rest in the Father, because His peace is the only one that surpass all understanding...and let's face it, we will never understand the miracle of life and how to be a perfect parent.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

8 Months and Big News! {Jack's Take Tuesday}

Hello Everyone!  

My mother finally let me back on here to catch you guys up with everything that has been going on here.  She's been keeping busy and for some reason won't allow me to get on her computer unsupervised.
First off,  as of yesterday, I AM 8 MONTHS OLD!!!!  )Thank you Sarah for telling my Mommy what the date was.)  I wish I could just put up a constant video of my life, because I am constantly doing silly things.  

 I am a growing boy!  My Great-Grandparents remind me that I am getting heavier all the time.  

I have two teeth.

 I am ready to crawl.

I jabber all the time.  My favorite word is Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma.

The other day I surprised my Mother-Dearest when she came into my room to get me up from my nap.  I figured out how to pull up on the side of my crib.  It's a good thing she and Daddy thought to move it down or else I would be busting out of that jail.

Let me back up a bit and tell you about my trip to TX.  It was very short but I did get to go to this amazing pool that my cousins live near.  Ever since then my Mommy and Daddy have been taking me swimming a lot.   

Even my feet got prune-y.

Rhett loved the slide!

Somehow my Mommy thought it would be a good idea to go down the slide with me ...she almost bit the dust and ended up on her face.  Luckily my Daddy was standing there and was able to grab me.

Nice action shot Aunt Jo!

Layla did a good job of laying around in the shade and being a cutie.  I can't wait until she can play with Rhett and me!

I love all of my cousins.  We're going to have a lot of fun together!

Now for my big announcement!....

I'm going to be a big brother!  My new sibling should arrive sometime around the first of this next year or the end of this one...who knows.  I already like to kick this Baby Bean and snuggle, and sit on.  This kid better get used to it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Reupholstering a Chair {Mommy Monday}

Alright Friends!  I'm back after a long blog hiatus.  We are going to take a small break from the baby food segment for a little upholstery empowerment. 

When we went to my grandparent's farm a few months ago, I got to bring back this awesome chair.  It was one of their first pieces of furniture after they got married.  It was originally a wool plaid of greens and cool, I know!  And my Grandmother reupholstered it with this geometric 70s fabric.  I had planned to keep it because I LOVED how it looked, but unfortunately, it had been attacked by mildew.  So I took it on as a project.  

Let me start off by saying, I make no claims to be a professional, nor do I think my way is the right way.  I am simply sharing an experience, so you know that if you have a project don't be afraid to take it on.  It may not be the most conventional approach, but make it happen.

1) Whenever you are doing something you don't know how to do, take pictures as you go when disassembling it.  I am going to spare you of those photo because they aren't pretty and there are a million of them.  Here is one so you can see how cool that fabric is!

2)  My materials:  I bought a 2 inch thick foam, 1 yard of fabric, burlap, batting, had my handy tools ready.

3)  Here is a shot of the bare bones of the chair.  When I took it apart the padding was the original horse hair.  That stuff lasts forever and I hadn't seen it in person before.  I was very sad to throw that out, but I was scared the mold had penetrated it.

4)  I then stapled the burlap onto the bottom and back of the chair.  I only thought to do this because it was on there when I took it apart.

Trim up the edges so there isn't any overlap.

5) Next I headed inside to cut out my pattern.  What you will not see here is the fact that I had to do this twice because I didn't take into account the size of the foam.  So I would recommend giving yourself a 2 in perimeter when you are cutting from the original fabric pattern.  This will save heartache and tears.

6)  I then laid the foam on the fabric and traced the outline of the seat and back and cut those out.  Don't expect to get it right the first time.

Note the patch job at the bottom right corner.

7)  Now I flipped the chair over and stapled the batting tightly over the foam so it holds it in place.

8)  Almost done!  Bring out the fabric and do the same thing as you did with the batting.  I chose a 70-ish inspired fabric that had a pattern that needed to be lined up...more work, but looks good.

9)  Ta-Da!  You have a finished chair!  Again, not perfect, but completed and under $40.  I still need to add some nail-head pins to the underside that's hanging down.

I've already put it to good use.  You can see it here in one of my maternity sessions.


The Barefoot Mamma