Thursday, March 1, 2012

A 2 Month Old and A 17 Month Old

If you read this post title, you will know why I am slacking on blog posts....

But in order for me to not feel guilty for blogging most of Jack's first year and finding it hard to do the same for Maggie, I am here to give you her 2 month report.

We went for her terrible shots and check up the other day.  She weighed in at 11 lbs 13 1/2 oz.  She's 23 in long.  And I believe her head was 15 in.  This puts her in the 75% for weight and head.  And somewhere between the 75-90% for height.  She is beautifully growing at a rapid pace.  

Her cheeks are still as kissable as ever and she is as strong as an ox.  (Please forgive me for using that example, Maggie)   

We love her every second of every day.  She's started tossing us some very sweet smiles here and there.  And she is still tolerating her brother's tough love very well.

 And here is the 2nd leading man in Maggie's life...  

He is at a very fun and challenging age right now.  And his vocabulary is growing like crazy.  I finally started counting words he had an association with, not just repeating words we said, and I believe he's up to around 40.  He did put his first word combo together yesterday, all by himself.  He looked at me with a snotty nose and big eyes and said "Mana-Peez" (translation = Banana Please).  He also saw a picture of him playing in a pile of Q-tips and he pointed to his ear.  He then ran into our bathroom where I thought I had hidden the Q-tips and brought me one.  He is getting too smart for our own good.