Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How We Told the World #3's a...

Incase some of you aren't friends with me on facebook or don't follow me on instagram, you might have missed our latest announcement to the world...

We are extremely thrilled by this! (for the record we would have been extremely thrilled with a girl as well)  We have done something a little differently with each child, in regards to discovering the gender. 

With our first we did not find out until he graced us with his presence.  Loved it.  Probably my favorite way to go about this process.

With our second we found out and told the world right after.  My grandad was in the hospital and was on a rapid decline, we were so glad we were able to share that with him.  He passed away before she arrived.  I think I snapped a pic and put something on facebook to announce it, but nothing creative at all.

With our third, we were very tempted to not find out again (seeing as it was my turn to choose) but the prospect of having 3 under 3 and not having the correct clothes in the drawers led this mother to deeply desire to have a little order in out life.  I also hadn't felt like anything had been very special for this baby so I wanted to take a little time and think of some way to tell our families.  We are now spread across the south TN, OK, AR, and TX.  So having a party was out of the question.  So I put on my apron and made some cookies.  

As I was walking through Joann's I found these giant letters and started giggling as I thought of my children holding them.  So into the cart they went.

As a photographer, I feel like in session with children I am constantly reassuring parents that the meltdowns are completely normal.  I can show you proof that I only got one good one.  My dear husband came in from work and snapped these.  All we needed was one, but here are just a few of the outtake that will make the baby book as well.  My personal favorite is the second one.

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  1. Well, the ONE you got is precious!!! Congratulations on the baby and making #3's announcement very special!