Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nap Time Notions: Easy Playroom Curtain

This is the first post I'm filing under the the title of Nap Time Notions.  If I ever get around to doing or blogging my other projects, they will most likely be categorized under this title.  The whole point is these are projects you can do during those sacred hours (or hour) of the day where your little joys are down for their naps.  Don't feel badly if it takes two naps to accomplish.  

My playroom is an evolving place.  I someday hope it is as cute as it is functional.  I have several ideas of how to accomplish this goal...we shall see if I ever get around to it.  We have this fabulous window that lets in tons of natural light during the day.  It is way too bright in the mornings, but other than that it has very few flaws.  Out of necessity we had some old dark brown curtains that did not mesh well with my grey walls.  A few weeks ago we finally put up the blinds in here and it was an almost complete transformation.  Those silly brown curtains were still bugging the fire out of me, so I went to my fabric box and remembered I had 15 yards of a grey and neutral chevron that I was going to make into curtains in our old house.  I am sure that these will be out of style sooner than I would like, but thankfully, I'm not too worried about it.

Project:     Playroom Curtains with Unfinished Side Edges
Quantity:  4 Panels
Time:        1 Nap (and some for a mistake)

Step 1:  Measure your length and add 2 inches.

Step 2:  Iron your fabric.  Cut the correct amount.  Fold the cut ends twice and press. 

Step 3:  Hem the top and bottom to give a clean look.

Step 4:  Don't even touch the sides because the selvage edge is already finished for you. (this is if you are using a heavier fabric like duck) 

Step 5:  Gather the curtain in equidistant places along the top of the panel and clip with your curtain rings.

Step 6:  Hang up.

Step 7:  Notice where you got in a hurry and cut one panel about a foot too short.

Step 8:  The kids are up so you will fix it when they go to bed.

Happy Crafting

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