Monday, February 25, 2013

Jack and the Neverland Pirates {2 year old Birthday}

For Jack's 2nd birthday, I took a cue from his very most favorite tv show, "Jake and the Neverland Pirates", and turned our home into the Jolly Roger.  

Being a Photographer, I have learned the hard way that if you want to enjoy and remember your children's special parties you need to hand the camera over.  I am soooooooo thankful that my friend Kim Boyd (zoë wedding art) for coming over and spending her day doing what I wouldn't have done.  So I encourage all you moms to hire someone, it's worth every penny to not have to worry about it!

I wish I had taken a picture of the invites (Target) and the RSVP insert (zoë photographic group: design by annie), because the were stinking adorable!!!  

The Dessert Table.

The RSVP card had a place for each child's shirt size.  I painted and customized them so when the kiddos were doing crafts their own clothes wouldn't be at risk.  It also came with an eye patch.

The guest book was a painting my mom did of Bucky, from Jack and the Neverland Pirates.  I had flesh-colored paints and they put a thumbprint and signed their name above.  I went back later and drew on faces.

The front of our house was the front of the boat.

Each child got a mustache, if desired, a tattoo.

This was the sword decorating station.  My wonderful sister helped by cutting out the swords from cardboard.  Such a simple and wonderful craft.   

The next station was the "Skull and Bones Stomp" (Jake reference).  I rolled out bubble wrap and let the kids jump like crazy.

Capt. Jack Ingle got to go for a ride.

The back porch was the back of the ship and the dinner setting. 
I didn't want to have to find enough little chairs so I used hay bails and covered them with fabric.

The menu:  Orange Ships on Water.  Sea Dogs.  Cannon Balls.
I am paranoid, so they are Hebrew National Hot Dogs.

He had a chair like Captain Hook.

I tried to find a fake such luck, so I made a slingshot station, which flopped, but was fun to watch the Granpas try to get working. :)  

So instead, I had the kids line up and see who could throw their potato the furthest.

The Capt. enjoying a snack.

Some kiddos collected the treasure.

To finish off the evening, I made the Lost Boys Hideout (Peter Pan reference) where they got to watch an episode of Jake.

Happy Birthday Little Pirate!


  1. His party looked awesome!! Still so sad we missed it. Hope y'all are doing great and you are feeling well. We miss y'all bunches!!! Love you darlin'!! :)

  2. I only get Hebrew National Hot Dogs too! =) Loved the party ideas! So fun! (especially that big chair!)

  3. Soooooo precious, Anna! That one's going to be hard to top next year ;)

  4. Where did you find the kids shirts at? That is a great idea!