Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cousins...Cousins...Cousins. (Beware: Lots of Pictures)

Ok People,
Let me just tell you...I have been on the move.  It all started two weeks ago when my Mommy was cleaning the house because she said we would be leaving for TX any day now to meet my new baby cousin.  I had to process this because I am the baby of the family.  I became ok with it, because I have a feeling my parents are not going to let me be an only child...but not anytime soon.

So, a few days before we were planning on hitting the road, Mommy got a call early in the morning that Aunt Jo was in labor (whatever that means) and so she scrambled to pack everything up and we left.  I was a mighty road warrior and was kind to her because she was by herself.

We made it to TX and I got to see Layla Jean Waller.  I think she is pretty cool.  Aunt Jo, Uncle Nate, Rhett and Layla were all doing great.  I love all of my cousins!

Mommy and Rhett

 Layla Jean

We hung out with my big cousin Rhett all day!  It was so great!  I got to watch him play with sidewalk chalk and eat a Popsicle...I think I got the bum end of that deal.

He listened to me cry.

We went to the zoo!

My Daddy finally got to meet Layla

Aunt Jo made me feel special. :)

 Honey and Pop with all of us Grandkids!

3 Generations of Ingle Women

We love you Miss Layla Jean Waller.

When we got back into town Uncle Andy and Bon Bon were there waiting for us!!!  It was a short visit, but a good one!

Bon Bon is already techno savvy.

I was very tired after being the truck all day...don't be fooled, I was very happy to see Uncle Andy!

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